Oriented strand board

Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is a structured wood replacement for plywood. Known for its tensile strength and resistance to wood bugs, OSB is a material with favorable mechanical properties that make it particularly suitable for load-bearing applications. For use as sheathing in walls, flooring, and roof decking, OSB is available in non-veneered form. For exterior walling and furniture making applications, OSB panels are available with very smooth veneer layers laminated on both sides. OSB is also available in Phenolic Board form suitably used in concrete pouring form works. Phenolic OSB are binded with Water boil proof glue that makes it resilient to soaking that allows for more reuse than plywood versions of Phenolic boards.

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Our plywood is resistant to cracking, breaking, shrinkage, twisting and warping. The low wood moisture content enables our plywood to be used in both indoor and outdoor environments. Guaranteed to have no overlapping or run-in layers, no hollow parts, no cement or metal fillings and undersized plies characteristic of commonly available plywood in the market, Amberply plywood is made from Malaysian tropical hardwood renowned for its premium quality and strength. Tropical plywood have higher density, strength and more even layers compared to softwood plywood making it the most preferred choice for heavy duty use.

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Amberply MDF comes in various sizes, we also have CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliant MDF for US and European export-grade production usage. Our MDF have notably finer, smoother and denser grains than any of the MDF you find in the market and our price may just surprise you yet.

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We do not just sell woodboards, we give the quality our customers have been missing from the market for far too long and we give it at a price they deserve.